Norman, OK Sewer Inspection Leads to Trecnhless Pipe Lining

Norman, OK Sewer Inspection Leads to Trecnhless Pipe Lining

January 9, 2017 0 By admin

As a homeowner, you are aware that time will come when you must carry out maintenance on your sewer system. Even though most owners are aware of this fact, not all are prepared for the news that the entire system should be replaced.

Why would a Norman, OK Sewer Inspection Lead to Trenchless Pipe Lining?

During the usual maintenance procedure, the plumber might recommend pipelining after undertaking sewer camera inspection and affordable led bulb. Many reasons make it necessary to replace an old sewer line. Here are some of those:

Blockage from root invasion

It is the most common reason for clogged pipes. Root growth is continuous and not something that human beings can control. It may be stopped temporarily through rodding accompanied by chemical use. However, it can only be stopped completely when the tree is cut, or a new line is installed. Since root invasion gets worse over time, time will come when rodding is not effective anymore. In the end, the pipe may collapse thus requiring the line to be replaced.

Blockage by mud

Mud may enter sewer lines from driveways. Since mud cannot decompose like sewage, it tends to accumulate. The only way to keep the lines clear is by keeping gutters and driveways clean. Over time, the accumulation is extensive such that it makes the pipes to collapse. At this point, replacement is inevitable.

Blockage by grease

Grease that may pass through kitchen sinks is a potential hazard to sewer lines. This problem can be controlled if an oil receptor is installed or through frequent rodding and jet rodding. Grease blockage is not a far-reaching problem, but if not managed, it may cause havoc.

Blockage by food matter or other foreign items

Many people are not conscious of the types of food substances they throw into their disposer. Also, others throw in materials that a sewer line cannot handle. Sewer lines are designed to take in human excreta and tissue only. Do not fall prey of the manufacturers who will claim that their products can be flushed. These inappropriate substances cause a blockage that may end up collapsing your sewer line.

The importance of camera inspection

Before any repair work is done, the first step is to determine the cause of the blockage. It is done using a camera. Most cameras can inspect sewer line that is 4” to 8” wide. The front of the camera is attached to a steady fiber optic line. The camera is pushed into the pipe, and it enables the camera operator to locate the position of the problem. This way, it is possible to tell the problem and its extent.

Why use trenchless pipe lining for sewer replacement

Replacement of sewer lines is not something that many homeowners are prepared for. It is often associated with a lot of digging, excavation and destroyed lawns. With pipelining, an owner does not go through this unpleasant experience. The process involves insertion of a cone-shaped device into the old pipe. The insertion fractures the old sewer line. The new line is fixed at the back of the insertion. This way, as the old tube is destroyed, the new one is installed in place.

Some of the reasons why pipelining is a preferred choice are:


The new pipe is stronger than the old one. Thus, trenchless pipe relining makes it possible to have a more durable pipe in place.

Value for cost

Even though trenchless repair is costly than traditional methods, it is cheaper in the long run. First, it offers a guarantee for quality. Also, not much digging is required. Excavation can turn out to be costly particularly when the landscape is tampered with, and it must be replaced. Some municipalities will ask you to pay a fine if you tamper with the town’s landscape. With trenchless repair, this is not a worry.

Economical on time spent

Despite the process being detailed, it takes less time. It means less downtime for your family or business.

Increased property value

In case you want to fix the pipe so that you can sell the house while in good condition, then you are doing the right thing. A properly functioning sewer line that is durable will attract better prices for your property.

If you are in Norman, OK and have problems with your sewer line, do not hesitate to get help from a professional plumber.