How Trenchless Technology the best option to Repair Sewer Pipes?

How Trenchless Technology the best option to Repair Sewer Pipes?

January 9, 2017 0 By admin

When we try to evaluate the complex drainage systems that lie beneath our residential and business structures, it can be evident that they play a critical part in our civilised society. The systems are very important in maintaining a sanitary environment through a proper waste disposal system that allows sewers to flow effectively. However, with time the sewer pipes can deteriorate due to cracking or blockages that happens over time.

Trenchless technology is the latest innovation in modern technology that is involved in installation, renewal and rehabilitation of underground infrastructures. Sometimes the repairs can be labour intensive and expensive to cope with if you had not been prepared financially. This has changed because trenchless sewer repair has a lot of advantages when compared with the old piping system Here are some of the main advantages of trenchless sewer repair:


Traditional sewer pipes are mostly found beneath our residential places and in case they need to be fixed, they must be dug out first. This is both unhygienic and very costly because there are post repair practices which include filling in the dug outs. In trenchless technology, the labour is cheap because only two holes are (one at the entrance and the other at the exit of the pipes) needed to reach the sewer lines underground for the whole repair process. This is more hygienic because the contents carried by the sewer do not have to be brought to the surface with the pipes when repairing. There are also minimised spillages and odours as fixing continues.

Less Expensive

Failure to dig trenches in this technology makes the whole process very cheap to be carried out. This is because less labour and time is required to carry out the whole repair of the sewer pipes. You can therefore repair your sewerage system in a short period of time still being charged at an affordable cost.

Since the sewer can be repaired faster, you will save the expenses which you could have incurred in renting a Poconos room Pennsylvania House or Chairs renting services and a guest house for your family to give technicians ample time. This is very economical considering that you won’t have carry out maintenance practices as the landscape will remain intact. This makes trenchless technology the best option to go for when you need sewer repair.

High Quality

The technology uses seamless polythene piping materials which lasts longer than the traditional piping materials. This is because they do not corrode nor rust even when left for a long period of time uncovered. This ensures that repair and replacement costs are minimised while still offering efficient services. The technology also has joint- free piping system that prevents roots evasion, cracks or even off set pipes that are a common occurrence in the old piping system used. This joint free system increases durability of the pipes used even though the system is found in a place with trees as the roots cannot damage the system.

Environmentally Friendly

This technology uses equipment and a technique that allow the repairs and replacement of sewer pipes without damaging the ecosystem. This therefore makes it environmentally friendly as the food chains, food webs and ecological niches found naturally in the ecosystem are not disrupted. The system does not involve removal of pipes from underground while repairing them, instead only two holes are needed to make the whole fixing a success. This ensures that less sewerage materials reaches the surface and is later disposed when repair is done.

Trenchless technology is the most advanced innovation that have been very popular over the years among most house owners. The technology has revolutionised the drainage systems that have been a menace all over the world at large. With all the benefits discussed above, it is evident that using this technology could save you a lot of money, time and reduce the health hazard you could be facing if your sewerage system periodically breaks down.