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about us
Whenever one thinks replacement of sewer and drains, an image of a lot of mud and dirt strewn all around the place pops up into our minds. Also, lots of digging with a great deal of messing up of the whole space for days together is the dismal picture we forsee. Not to mention a big hole in the pocket after undertaking such a project is the obvious conclusion we draw.
There is a respite for all such people who are going in for such work. With trenchless technology coming into this scene, a major portion of such worries can easily be sidestepped. Sewer and drain replacement can even be done within a day’s time these days. The best part in the use of this technology is that it is very clean.
Also, the manpower cost involved in the traditional method was very high since a number of people were required to do the job. This, too, stands reduced. In addition, there was a big change which came into the landscape of the whole area which had to be dug up for the work to be done. This aspect, too, is revised as very little digging is needed if one makes use of trenchless technology.