What are the Important Steps Of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

What are the Important Steps Of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

January 10, 2017 0 By admin

In the pipe industry, there is a process that is becoming incredibly popular and being used more and more with each passing year, and it is trenchless pipe bursting. This process is cheaper to have done, causes less damage to the ground around the area that needs repairing, and is much quicker and easier to have done. Trenchless pipe bursting has a few different steps that it has to follow to have it completely efficiently, and these steps are incredibly important and should be followed to have it done the right way. There are many professionals who will tell you that this process, and these steps, are so easy to accomplish and complete, and is an added benefit to the other beneficial aspects of using trenchless pipe bursting.

Step 1

Installing the equipment is the first step that is to be played out. Before installing the equipment, there is two different openings that need to be located, the starting point and the ending point. The starting point is either a manhole, a pit, or a basement, and the ending point is another pit. Between these two points, there doesn’t need to be any open trenches, and the starting point is where the machine is placed to effectuate the trenchless pipe bursting process.

Step 2

The next step is to install and create the pipe within the old pipe. Once you have put all of the necessary equipment and machinery in the proper place, then the new pipe is now ready to replace the older pipe, and it should be located at the ending point. The new pipe is going to be a bit smaller than the old pipe, and by welding, these parts are fused together. The pipe head is then attached to the cable that is attached to the machine at the starting point. The machine will then pull the cable from the ending point, through the existing pipe, and then to the starting point. The head of this pipe, is to burst through the old pipe as it passes through it.

Step 3

After this has been completed, and the head of the pipe is now at the starting point with the machine, then the old pipe has been busted up and the new pipe is now in its place. The cable is then unattached and can be completely removed from the pipe head. The starting and ending openings can then be sealed back up after being attached to the other pipe lines, and the process is complete.

In conclusion, when it comes to using the best pipe replacement techniques, trenchless pipe bursting is the number one way to replace pipes in pipe line systems. Trenchless pipe bursting has a few steps that need to be properly done to efficiently replace pipes in a pipe line system. These steps are important to follow properly and in order, so that the new pipe can be put into the right place, and the existing pipe can be busted and pushed out of the way. This process is becoming one of the biggest talked about topics in the pipe line industry, and it has been an incredibly successful process that is continuing to grow.