What You Need To Know About Bail Bonds Service in Aurora Colorado

What You Need To Know About Bail Bonds Service in Aurora Colorado

January 23, 2019 0 By admin

Bailing someone out of jail is a confusing task for many, especially for those who are experiencing this for the first time. Although it’s vital that you act fast in order to help a loved one get out of jail, it’s equally important that you educate yourself with how do bail bonds work. Here’s what you need to know about bail bonds Aurora, Colorado to help your loved one and protect yourself at the same time.

Bail bond fees are regulated by the state

States regulate bail bond fees. As a rule, an Aurora bail bondsman can charge a minimum of 10 percent bail bonds premium. However, depending on the amount of bail, a bondsman can charge up to 15%. This means you won’t go far if you go bond agent shopping. If you meet someone who is charging you lower or higher than the state regulated fees, chances are you are talking to a swindler. Always check for the licensing of the bail company or Aurora bonding agent to guaranty you are working with someone who is regulated by the state.

You can use other items for collateral

There are different valuable items that you can use for collateral. Things that you could use as collaterals for bail bonds Aurora, Colorado include:

  • Jewelry or pawnable belongings
  • Property
  • Land
  • Band account balance
  • Car
  • Firearms
  • Stocks

The collateral should be equal to or higher than the amount of bail set by the court. These can be returned to you when the trial is over whether the person is innocent, sentenced to jail, or the charges were dropped.

However, you should also be aware that the court will seize collateral used for bail bonds service should the defendant jumps bail. This means you have to know the person you are bailing out before setting your livelihood as collateral.

There are court rules to follow

Getting out of jail through Aurora bail bonds mean following court regulations. These will include but are not limited to:

  • Attending multiple court hearings.
  • Staying within state or city limits
  • Getting a job
  • Attending drug or alcohol counseling

If the defendant fails to follow these court regulations, the co-signer is at risk of losing his/her collateral. The defendant is also at risk of being in contempt, and he/she will be sent back to jail on a warrant.

A co-signor for Aurora bail bonds has certain responsibilities

Once you have decided to become a co-signer, you should be aware of your duties and responsibilities. You are responsible for reminding the defendant to keep his/her court appointment. Should the defendant decides to skip bail, you will be responsible for the cost of searching for the skip or fugitive. Before such an event occurs, you should inform your 24-hour bondsman about the possibility. This is to ensure all measures are taken to prevent the defendant from skipping bail.

You are allowed to ask questions

Some are either too confused or apprehensive when getting surety bail bonds. Others are intimidated by a bonding agent in order to sign a deal that is beyond their means. You should voice out if you are feeling intimidated or manipulated. Don’t just take the word of your bondsman.

There are details you need to know about how to post bail. An Aurora bail bonds agent must discuss the details with you clearly and succinctly so that you will understand what you are in for. If you are uncomfortable about a specific clause in the bond agreement, talk it over with your agent.

Not everyone is allowed to get out on bail bonds Aurora, Colorado

The judge may decide not to allow a person to post bail. Such conditions include:

  • High possibility of skipping bail
  • Prior history of jumping bail
  • The severity of the crime
  • The arrestee/detainee is considered a risk to others

Sometimes, a judge will consider letting a person out through Own Recognizance (OR). This means getting out of jail without posting bail provided that the defendant agrees to follow the same court rules set for those who are out on bail. It’s important that you know of the status of your arrestee/detainee before you contact a bail bondsman.

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