Premium Launch Assistance

Premium Launch Assistance

September 18, 2020 0 By admin

Premium Launch Assistance – How it works

Our ‘VisualSP Premium Launch Assistance’ is a core service offering that helps VisualSP become a catalyst, providing transformative results in your organization. We help you adopt VisualSP and mesh it with your goals, so that you can help your users adopt your platform and mesh it into their daily lives. To reap that kind of return on investment, we’ll help you analyze your platform goals and pain points, identify how VisualSP can address them, and then implement the customizations, content, configurations, and analytics needed to do so.

Launch Pack:

  • 20 hours from an expert in both Office 365 and VisualSP
  • Personalized deployment assistance
  • Analytics setup and tutorial (VisualSP and Office 365)
  • Identify a couple of adoption goals and / or common helpdesk tickets
  • Create and configure custom help items in whatever format will be most powerful (Annotated screenshots, custom web content, interactive walk-thrus…)

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