Increase Data Entry Productivity with CRM Data Automation

Increase Data Entry Productivity with CRM Data Automation

August 11, 2020 0 By admin

The automation of customer relationship management is what is known as the process of automating customer service functions and sales to help sales teams manage and track their efforts of engagement with prospective and current customers. This automation allows the teams to nurture leads, save time, and produce faster conversions by having this tedious process automated.

Data Entry Productivity

Beyond having the tedious data entry process automated, the sales teams’ valuable time is free’d up to concentrate on other tasks. sales data automation crm also adds in the functionalities that gives the sales teams power to use advanced analytics to make difficult decisions that can be complex. These complex decisions are a priority for many companies to remain successful. 

 4 CRM Automation Tools Key Functions

Although there are many functions when it comes to CRM automation here are the most notable. 

  • Documentation management – The process of sales includes a lot of documents and data that includes invoices, quotes, contracts, sales templates, and transactional documents. It is vital to have this information stored where it can be accessed by those who need it. It is also important that the teams can share, collect, and upload documents when necessary. 
  • Lead management – This function allows all those involved to keep track of activities when it comes to leads. This function includes lead scoring, leads identification, workflow management, pipeline management, and tracking. All data is current and is available when and where needed to make critical decisions. 
  • Integration – Allows for 3rd party application integration. Email and calendar integrations help to keep everything on track including calls, reminders, and meetings. 
  • Analytics and reports – Analytics and reports are a central function of CRM automation that optimizes data-driven decision making and sharpens sales functions. 

crm_stream’s AutoScribe

Knowing how important automation is with the business CRM has you one step ahead of the pack. Choosing the right tools is the second step. Here is where AutoScribe comes in. When reviewing data automation applications, you will want to choose one that offers the following:

  • Provides the highest quality and most accurate automated contact and activity capture. 
  • Works with your CRM and can easily be integrated without a bunch of technical know-how. 
  • Automatically creates contacts.
  • Automatically log calendar events and email.
  • Attaches the right contacts to the right opportunities. 
  • Consistent and real data when it is needed.
  • No huge learning curve for your teams to learn. 

AutoScribe Saves Tie and Increases Sales

AutoScribe saves your sales team hours of crm data entry services and allows them to be doing what they are best at. Gone are the days of having to remind your reps to make sure they are adding all the right data into the CRM. With automation there is also less chance of having deals fall through the cracks which increases your business sales and profits.