Benefits of Pediatric Laser Dentistry in Wellesley MA for Children’s Oral Health

Benefits of Pediatric Laser Dentistry in Wellesley MA for Children’s Oral Health

April 23, 2019 0 By admin

Laser dentistry in Wellesley MA has been in use since 1990. The laser acts as a cutting tool and provides minimally-invasive treatments to the gum and teeth. In whitening procedures, the laser acts as a heat source, helping the teeth bleach effectively. Today we’re sharing information regarding what you can expect from laser dentistry and how it can help treat your child’s oral issues.

Gone are the days of drills and power tools that haunt your child’s dreams when they think about the dentist. Pediatric laser dentistry in Wellesley MA usually requires little or no anesthetic, providing the most comfortable experience for your child.

Benefits of Pediatric Laser Dentistry in Wellesley MA for Children’s Oral Health

These lasers are safe, effective, and reduce complicated traditional surgery recovery time. The laser is quiet, contrary to the loud tools used in traditional surgical methods. Now, your child can relax in the dentist chair, patiently awaiting their new and improved smile.

Laser dentistry in Wellesley MA can address a variety of gum and tooth complications, including but not limited to:

  • Correct tongue-tied;
  • Remove overgrown tissues;
  • Treat root canal infections;
  • Reshape gum tissue;
  • Reduce cold sore and canker sore discomfort;
  • Aid in teeth whitening.

Your child’s dental experience now becomes simplified with the use of laser treatments. During each procedure, your child will be asked to wear a set of sunglasses to protect from the laser. Lasers are as safe as other dental instruments if used properly and correctly. Dentists must have received training from the Academy of Laser Dentistry in order to operate them. 

Lasers can be used in both hard tissue and soft tissue procedures.Because their wavelength is strong and precise, hard tissue lasers can cut into bone very precisely. Soft tissue lasers produce wavelengths that are able to be absorbed by water, so they can seal nerve endings while reducing bacteria. 

In hard tissue procedures, laser dentistry in Wellesley MA can detect cavities, kill bacteria in a tooth filling, and reduce tooth sensitivity by sealing tubes at the bottom of a tooth. During soft tissue procedures, lasers can lengthen a crown to provide a stronger base for restoring teeth. Additionally, lasers can free tongue movement and reshape the gum for dentures or improve a gummy smile. 

The future of lasers is unknown, but promising. At some point, the laser could completely replace the drill. As the technology of lasers begins to improve and become more prominent, laser dentistry becomes even less expensive than other surgical procedures.

For the little ears in your family, make sure your pediatric dentistry will not traumatize, but uplift your child with laser dentistry in Wellesley MA.These procedures reduce anxiety and offer a smooth, stress-free experience for your child.