From Food to High-End Pharmaceuticals with Wright Flow SteriLobe in GA

From Food to High-End Pharmaceuticals with Wright Flow SteriLobe in GA

April 18, 2019 0 By admin

Wright Flow Technologies is well known for its design and manufacture of rotary lobe pumps for over 30 years, including the new Revolution and other top-quality pumps such as the Classic+, RTP pumps, and Wright Flow SteriLobe in GA.

Each with its distinct place in the market, this range of hygienic pumps can be used across the sanitary market from food to high-end pharmaceuticals plus many applications in fine chemicals and more industrial applications.

Wright Flow SteriLobe in GAhas a modular design with a seal housing. They are a new concept in rotary lobe pumps designed for hygienic and industrial applications. Features include:

  • Ideally suited to both hygienic and industrial applications;
  • All seal combinations fully front-loading and demountable;
  • Pump is fully self-draining (vertical ports);
  • Hygienic cover joint profile;
  • Rugged gearbox construction enables the carrying of radial loads.

The pumping action of the rotary lobe pump principle is generated by the contra-rotation of two pumping elements (rotors) within a chamber (rotorcase). The rotors are located on shafts that in turn are held within a bearing housing mounted to the back of the rotorcase.

The shaft assemblies are comprised ofthe shaft support bearings and the timing gears. The gears transfer the energy from the drive shaft to the driven shaft, synchronizing the rotors so that they rotate without contact with each other.

As the rotors pass the suction port, the cavity increases, creating a pressure decrease, which induces the pumped medium to flow into the rotorcase. The pumped medium is carried around the rotorcase by the rotorsto the discharge side of the Wright Flow SteriLobe in GA. Here the cavity decreases, and the pumped medium is discharged from the rotorcase.

When incorporating any pump into a system, it is considered good practice to minimize piping runs and the number of pipe fittings (tees, unions, bends etc.) and restrictions.

Particular care should be taken in designing the suction line, which should be as short and straight as possible with a minimum of pipe fittings to minimize restricting product flow to the pump.

Wright Flow SteriLobe in GAare of the positive displacement type and therefore an overload protection device must be provided. This can take the form of an in-line pressure relief system, i.e. external to the pump or incorporation of a torque-limiting device in the drive system.

If you would like more information regarding Wright Flow SteriLobe in GA – or would like to determine if it’s the best option for your application – contact us today to get started.