5 Unexpected Ways Weight Loss Can Make Your Teen Feel Better

5 Unexpected Ways Weight Loss Can Make Your Teen Feel Better

January 31, 2020 0 By admin

The physical effects of teen obesity are clear to most parents. Obesity has been linked with many diseases including hypertension, diabetes, asthma and heart disease. However, the emotional effects of teen obesity can be just as severe. 

Teen obesity has been linked with a negative effect on self-esteem, anxiety, depression and poor body image. In this article we will discuss 5 unexpected ways that weight loss can make your teen feel better. 

Unexpected Way #1. Losing weight can help your teen feel more accomplished. This sense of accomplishment can transfer into other areas. At Camp Pocono Trails, the world’s leading weight loss camp for teens, we have seen campers come in feeling depressed and unmotivated drop up to 50 pounds in a summer and come back to Camp next year with a host of accomplishments. 

Parents are encouraged to have their child run with the momentum of a weight loss experience. Parents can say, “Now that you have lost the weight, what is next for you?”    

Unexpected Way #2. Weight loss can affect your physical health and give you more energy to accomplish tasks during the day. Similar to Unexpected Way #1, many teens who drop a significant amount of weight over the summer return to school with more energy and zest for life. 

It is not uncommon that parents report an increase in grades and a decreased need for sleep after taking off the pounds. With your child’s newfound energy, what will they accomplish next?

Unexpected Way # 3. Teen weight loss can have profound social benefits with peer group members. Obesity is strongly correlated with psychosocial effects including less likely to get married, less likely to have children, and more likely to occupy a lower socioeconomic status. 

It is not uncommon for teens to lose weight over the summer at weight loss camp and report better grades and stronger social relationships as a result. Because the physiology of a young person is more resilient, the effects of weight loss can be realized in only a few short months. 

Camp Pocono Trails

At Camp Pocono Trails, it has been our experience that after a dramatic weight loss friends and sometimes even extended family members don’t recognize the teen when they return from summer camp. This is especially true with morbidly obese teens that have significant amount of weight in their facial area. 

Unexpected Way #4. Teen weight loss can have a dramatic effect on positive relationships with the family unit. Many parents of overweight teens report discord in the family including refusal to do chores, anger, low self-esteem, and oppositional behavior. Having a corrective experience where a child feels in control of their weight can alleviate most of these symptoms. 

If a child feels that they are not in control of their surroundings or their biology, anger and discord is a common result. But once a child has had a corrective experience and realizes that they are truly in control of their weight and appearance, they feel empowered and their entire outlook on life can change. 

Unexpected Way #5. Parents of Camp Pocono Trails campers often report new interests after a dramatic weight loss experience. A once shy, introverted child might decide to go out for a sports team or participate yeah and a school activity like drama club or debate team after losing weight. Often, these activities were too anxiety-provoking for the team when they were overweight. 

However, the weight loss experience has now empowered the teen to take on risks they would have previously not considered. If you have an overweight teenager and are looking for a corrective experience Camp Pocono Trails can help. Please visit our website here or give us a call today at 1 800-365-0556.