4 Benefits of Wearing Disposable Protective Clothing

December 20, 2019 0 By admin

Disposable Protective Clothing

Office jobs and similar desk job type of careers can often seem to get a lot of press, but the United States still relies a lot on manufacturing, industrial, and similar type of gritty, get-things-done kind of work. While this type of work can be very rewarding in that employees get to see and create finished products, they can also be among the most hazardous types of environments to work in. From kicked up dust and metals to chemical back spray, many industrial, manufacturing, and construction jobs require working amidst or even creating hazardous materials.

As an employer or manager of such a space, it’s your job to ensure your employees are safe and able to do their jobs without worry about contaminants. One important way of doing so is ensuring they are wearing the right protective clothing whenever they are at risk for working within a hazardous environment. 

The Basics of Disposable Protective Clothing

Disposable protective clothing is designed and manufactured to act to protect its wearer just like any other type of traditionally-made protective clothing with the caveat that it’s also designed to be disposable. These are not flimsy pieces of equipment but rather have been engineered with a specialty type of PPE that has been rigorously tested to protect the wearer against chemicals, infectious diseases, blackwater environments, airborne dust and particulates, and even sparks and flames.

Disposable Protective Clothing

Our team has several different lines of clothing, each one designed to meet the stringent needs of different jobs. A few of the different types of jobs that use the type of disposable protective clothing we offer include:

  • Paint shops and painters
  • Automotive body shops
  • Construction sites
  • Hazardous waste clean-up and disposal
  • Laboratory environments
  • Asbestos removal 
  • Pest and pesticide companies
  • Emergency rescue and response
  • Dangerous spill mitigation and decontamination

The Benefits of Choosing and Wearing Disposal Protective Clothing

The versatility in its uses is certainly a big benefit of disposable protective clothing, but it’s a benefit it shares with other, more traditional types of protective clothing. The more pertinent question we get asked is what benefits our disposable protective clothing options have over traditional options. The following is a look at four of those key benefits:

  1. Breathability and comfort. The biggest disadvantage and complaint wearers of thick non-disposable protective clothing have is that they are uncomfortable. Those thicker traditional materials can often feel suffocating and are very rarely breathable. In stark contrast, disposable protective clothing is made with the latest in textile advancements and the result is a material that is thin, breathable, and yet still protective. 
  2. Cost-effective. Another common question we get from companies and managers new to disposal clothing is in regards to price. As these types of materials are designed to be readily replaceable, it’s easy to think that costs would account more in the long term but that isn’t strictly true. Disposable protective clothing is available at significantly lower upfront costs and requires no expensive cleaning, maintenance, and approved storage-related fees. A few of our clients have reported that making the switch to disposable clothing has actually saved them money. 
  3. Consistently reliable. With traditional reusable protective clothing, those cleaning, maintenance, and storage costs are a must otherwise you risk swift degradation and a premature breaking down of the compounds that protect the wearer. Yet even when following strict care and maintenance guidelines, these types of clothing are bound to break down gradually through normal wear and tear. This means that at some point, the clothing will go from reliable to not 100% reliable and then the wearer becomes at risk for exposure to hazardous elements. In contrast, with disposable protective clothing, you know that every time you don a new suit, you are getting something clean and reliable.
  4. Effective. To continue off this last point, disposable protective clothing is simply more effective for company operations. Here, you can simply hand employees a new protective suit when needed and toss when done for quick, effective operations.