Why Choose Gardner Denver Truck Blowers in GA?

August 28, 2018 0 By admin

Rotary Lobe

Gardner Denver truck blowers in GA are “air pumps” used in pneumatic pressure and vacuum loading and unloading of dry bulk materials from tank trucks. In addition to selling replacement units and accessories for existing systems, we help our customers engineer new equipment applications and re-engineer existing systems to satisfy changing needs.

Following are some options for Gardner Denver truck blowers in GA.

Gardner Denver CycloBlower: Helical screw blowers with a highly-efficient rotor design that provides maximum output to weight ratio with smoother, quieter operation than rotary lobe style blowers. Lower discharge temperature extends service life. No lubrication in the compression chamber provides oil-free air. Lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs are due to lower engine speeds.

Gardner Denver Drum Lobe Style: Versatile rotary lobe blowers for dry bulk applications, these machines have wide RPM range and high-pressure capabilities. They are a durable yet economical choice for vacuum loading or pressure discharge, whether you haul cement or plastic pellets.

Gardner Denver Drum Vane Style: Rotary vane blowers of a simple design allows for easy replacement of vanes in the field. A quiet, high-pressure machine designed for cement and fly-ash.

Gardner Denver DuroFlow: Rotary lobe blowers with a compact, rugged design, these units have high power-to-weight ratios and handle a wide range of products with lower upfront costs than other machines.

Accessories for Gardner Denver Truck Blowers in GA

  • Lubricating oils and greases, including food grade.
  • Mounting brackets, quick mount truck installation lift kits.
  • Silencers, mufflers, air intake filters.
  • Valves: full assortment including air relief, swing check, butterfly.
  • Aeration equipment.
  • Hopper tees.
  • Pipe clamps.
  • Sight glasses.
  • PTOs and driveline kits.
  • Hydraulic drive systems including PTOs, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, valves, hoses, fittings, and hydraulic oil coolers.
  • Hose and couplings for hot air, product, hydraulics;
  • Gauges;
  • Package systems custom built including a blower, electric motor or diesel engine, belt guards, filters and mufflers.

Gardner Denver Truck Blowers in GA – Screw Pumps

The Gardner Denver labeled helical screw truck blower by the well-known name of Cycloblower are used in the dry bulk road tanker markets. The machines provide a flow range suitable for loading and discharging powders, granules, pellets, and feed at continuous pressures of up to 1.2 bar g.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Low noise emissions – available with acoustic enclosure;
  • Available with hydraulic, mechanical, diesel engine and electric drive;
  • Fusible plug preventing overheating;
  • Oil-free – no contamination of materials or the environment.

Gardner Denver Truck Blowers in GA – Rotary Lobe

The drum oil-free rotary lobe blowers/vacuum pumps of the type DX140 are designed for the contaminant-free collection and discharge of liquids from road tankers. Typical applications include liquid foodstuffs including milk and orange juice, can also be used on solvents, acids, alkalis, hot bitumen, resins, waste, and other chemicals.

The Drum D807/907 range of contactless positive displacement lobe blowers serves the for use-dry bulk tank-truck markets. Their benefits include:

  • Compact – easy to install;
  • Coated rotors;
  • Low noise emissions.

Want more information regarding Gardner Denver truck blowers in GA? Want to know if they’re the best option for your operation? Call us today so we can get more information regarding your needs, so we can make the best decision for your specific requirements.