Why Are Japanese Knives so Popular?

December 20, 2018 0 By admin

Japanese folding pocket knife

The quality and craftsmanship that goes into an authentic Japanese knife make these knives some of the most popular choices for everyday carry (EDC).

Folding knife features

The Japanese folding pocket knife is a modern twist on a classic Japanese design. These knives follow the same stringent processes that Japanese craftsmen have applied to knives across the centuries. This means the blade is much sharper than a regular EDC as each blade will follow the same strengthening and sharpening processes that Japanese swords follow. Craftsmen will also follow techniques passed down through many generations to produce high-quality designs that surpass most other pocket knives on the market.

Japanese knives are usually made by hand, and in Japan it is considered an honor to own a hand-crafted knife. This attention to detail makes each knife unique, as craftsmen give the blade a special finish, which can be sharpened to true extremes not possible in other pocket knife types.

An unchanged design

The general design of the Japanese folding pocket knife follows that of traditional Japanese blades and has remained unchanged for centuries. The blade, handle, and even the folding mechanism follow the same rules as ancient Japanese knives. Its simplistic design meant this knife was originally designed for everyone. In Japanese culture, everyone carries this type of knife, from housewives and school children, through to military and law enforcement. Japanese knives are suitable for all everyday uses including cutting light objects like string or card as well as heavier materials like wood.

Many companies now sell Japanese blades with updated tactical and more ergonomic grips and also provide a flipper alternative. As well as an updated design, you can also purchase your new knife easily with a large selection of Japanese folding pocket knives online.

Overall, Japanese knives have always been popular, and this is evident in their quality of craftsmanship and use of superb quality steel. Japanese knives have always been packed full of functionality and oozed quality. You will be pleasantly surprised when you find out you can get all this at a very affordable price.

As Japanese knife makers have always marketed their knives to the public, they have always been able to keep prices to a minimum without skimping on quality or design. You’ll be able to own your own piece of Japanese history without spending a fortune.