Pain Management and Back Pain: What Treatments Work Best

October 20, 2018 0 By admin

Back Pain

Chiropractic care is one of several treatments for practitioners to consider when low back pain doesn’t improve with self-care. It can do much more than relieve pain; it can also improve function and mobility.

Back pain can be crippling, especially when it becomes chronic or unresponsive to the traditional treatment with pain medication. Studies show the benefits achieved by consulting a back pain Chiropractor can be an effective method of dealing with chronic back pain.

Typical treatment for chronic low back pain includes strengthening exercises and treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. In conjunction with these treatments, spinal manipulation is an excellent treatment that can be complementary to traditional medicine.

A patient seeking chiropractic care for low back pain can expect an initial period of intense therapy. But, a patient’s long-term health can improve by seeing their back pain Chiropractor even after their low back pain has passed.

What to expect

When seeking a back pain Chiropractor in Waterford, MI, a patient should expect several things to happen. The Chiropractor will conduct an evaluation of the patient’s discomfort, how the injury occurred and what treatment they have tried. Once these are determined the practitioner will work with the patient to form a treatment plan that may also include icing or heating the area where the pain is occurring, and exercises that will rehabilitate and strengthen the affected area.

The Chiropractor will also discuss the method of chiropractic care that will be used on the patient. There are three ways a practitioner can perform spinal manipulation. The most commonly known one is manipulation, but some Chiropractors also use an activator or flexion on a table that moves the patient into therapeutic positions.

Manual Manipulation

Manual manipulation is the oldest form of chiropractic care and thus the most commonly known. It involves the practitioner using their hands to position the patient manually as they gently flex the joints and muscles around the affected area. You may hear a popping noise as the procedure is being done.

Activator Chiropractic

The second method of spinal manipulation involves a tool called an activator. An activator is a T-shaped tool that the practitioner uses to deliver a small jolt to the affected area. It works by pushing energy through the muscle and causing it to heal. It can be an effective method of treatment for anyone, but especially so for a patient who cannot tolerate the manual method of manipulation.

Flexion Manipulation

Finally, Flexion manipulation occurs when the back pain Chiropractor uses a table, specially made for the method, to flex and stretch the patient’s body to help ease the problems causing the back pain. It is another excellent and gentle manner of delivering pain relieving chiropractic care to any patient who can tolerate manual manipulation.

A back pain Chiropractor who has been trained and licensed should perform carefully the flexing and manipulation involved in any chiropractic care. Serious injury can occur if chiropractic is done by someone who has not been trained and licensed to be a back pain Chiropractor.