How to Choose a Pocket Knife for Every Day Carry

How to Choose a Pocket Knife for Every Day Carry

September 26, 2018 0 By admin

Pocket Knife for Every Day Carry

Like so many things for sale online, it seems as if there is an endless amount of every day carry (EDC) knives on the market. That’s because there practically is. Commonly referred to as a pocket knife, EDCs have become an American staple and are customizable by everything from size and shape, to handle design and blade deployment.

With so many options, how is one to go about choosing an EDC? The decision is perhaps made even more difficult when electing a pocket knife for sale online. Many knife enthusiasts like to feel the tool in their hand and experience first-hand all it has to offer.

But not to worry, finding the right EDC online is possible (and popular). By thoughtfully answering the following questions, anyone can strategically narrow down their search and select the perfect pocket knife in a matter of clicks.

What Will It Be Used For?

Although this seems like a fairly straight-forward question, it’s wise to unpack it. Will it be used every day for tasks such as opening packages or preparing food? If so, quick deployment and a blade that keeps its razor edge are important qualities to look for. Similarly, it might be nice to have it weigh less than six ounces and outfitted with a belt clip.

For those looking for a camping, hunting, or emergency knife, such characteristics may be less important. Rather, analyzing the material make-up of an EDC and its blade length may become priorities.

Pocket Knife

What’s Your Style?

The aesthetics of a pocket knife are duly important. Some prefer a flashy accessory, while others are keen on more discreet designs.

Consider both the handle and blade designs when looking for an EDC. Handles come in all different colors, patterns, shapes, and textures. Some are made of stainless steel, while others incorporate synthetic materials, wood, or bone. Many online manufacturers do a great job of describing a handle’s feel to the touch.

Likewise, pocket knife blades are cut and crafted in many different ways. The simple or normal blade is flat and sleek and features a straight spine. Other profiles include the clip point, drop point, and Wharncliffe. While they each boast their own functionality, blade designs also to affect a knife’s style.

How Much Should It Cost?

Even though answering this question is not nearly as fun, it is equally important. The modern pocket knife for sale online can range from $15 to over $100. That’s a big window. However, when it comes to EDCs, less expensive does not always mean low quality. There are plenty of online manufacturers who take pride in their craft and are passionate about selling excellent knives at affordable prices.