Choosing the Right Mouth Guards in Newtonville MA for Children With Braces

Choosing the Right Mouth Guards in Newtonville MA for Children With Braces

June 6, 2019 0 By admin

For children who engage in sports, mouth guards in Newtonville MA are an indispensable piece of equipment for both their safety and their future oral health.
According to the American Dental Association, those who don’t wear mouth guards are 60 times more likely to suffer tooth damage while playing sports. This risk may increase even higher for children who are wearing braces while they play.

A custom mouth guard can be built for your child if they are currently wearing braces. Here are a few basic facts and areas that need to be prioritized while you’re considering this selection to ensure the best possible comfort and protection for your child.

Why a Custom Fit Mouth Guard in Newtonville MA Is So Important

There are several types of mouth guards available – including our custom options – but there are also preset choices as well. Some of the premade alternatives are relatively inexpensive, loose and don’t offer a lot when it comes to protection. In fact, some can actually cause physical damage to your child’s braces by forcing them into an unnatural position.

A fully custom mouth guard, on the other hand, protects both the braces and the teeth that they’re attached to. It shapes itself to the precise mouth shape, including the braces, while leaving sufficient amounts of space available.

Tips for Fitting Mouth Guards in Newtonville MA over Braces

Don’t Fit Them Too Tightly: One tip we can offer is to not go too tight if they have braces. Braces are meant to realign the teeth slowly, so they are even. This means that they need a bit of wiggle room throughout the braces period to make these adjustments. In particular, you want to avoid the mouth guard pressing up against the brackets and stopping the teeth from being able to move around properly.

Talking and Breathing: You want to ensure that your child will be comfortable while wearing the mouth guard. And perhaps more importantly, that they’ll be able to breathe and speak properly during their sports activities. Another good tip is that if your child can’t drink water easily in between plays while wearing the mouth guard, you may want to consider a different fit.

Bottom mouth guard: In many cases, athletes and even children choose to only wear a top mouth guard while competing. This is because the majority of dental issues due to sports-related trauma happen on the upper teeth.

But for children who wear braces – particularly those who play contact sports and may be hit in the face – it could be worthwhile to also consider a bottom mouth guard. This provides maximum protection both from traumatic damage and from any cutting or scraping when lips or gums come into contact with sharper brackets.

If your child is active in sports and you want to provide the protection and comfort they need, contact our office today to discuss how mouth guards in Newtonville MA can help.