Flipper Knives: Pros and Cons

November 23, 2018 0 By admin

everyday carry flipper knives

Many Americans choose to carry everyday carry flipper knives as part of their overall EDC weapon choice and experience no problems at all. Others wouldn’t dream of using a flipper, preferring a fixed blade or a spring-assisted folder.

What are the real implications of using a flipper knife in everyday carry or for other purposes and how should you make an overall decision about what knife to buy?

Here are some of the pros and cons of flipper knives with some practical information you can draw upon while making a purchase.


  • Fast Deployment – When you get used to a flipper, you’ll instinctively reach for that notch and know just how fast you can get the knife out when you need to. It can take a little adjustment, but these are fast, reliable blades for deploying in an instant.
  • Ambidextrous – Doesn’t matter what hand you use, the flipper makes use of the same action, and it’s symmetrical on either side. This is great for people who use knives in either hand or southpaws who want a little more variety in their choice.
  • Suitable for Spring Assist – This is great if you like a fast and easy draw action, and the feeling of your blade snapping into place. Spring assist flippers are also fun to play around with when practicing and they have a very satisfying motion.


  • Hand Position – Since you’ll press down on the flipper to draw, there’s a chance your hand won’t always be in the right position for wielding a knife right as you push out the blade. It’s down to technique and preference how much this affects you but something to consider.
  • Limited Choice – Typically, flipper knives have only frame or liner locks. Not every system is suitable for a flipper, so you might have to make some compromises if you already have other preferences for your locking type.
  • Protruding Notch – Many flippers don’t snag because the notch is smooth and easy to take in and out of your pocket. However, some notches can catch on your pocket, and it’s a bit of a risk if you buy from a less reputable brand.

A Knife That’s Right for You

At the end of the day, only you can truly know if everyday carry flipper knives suit your EDC needs. Consider the purpose of your knife. Is it self-defense or something you’ll use more frequently? What hand do you use and can you draw it in an instant.

Go down to a local store and try out a few options, or make an order from an online store with a guaranteed refund period. That will give you the chance to experiment and find a knife that you can draw fast, and meets your needs.