Brand Spotlight: Anita Mastectomy Bras

July 23, 2018 0 By admin

Mastectomy Bras

Following mastectomy surgery, you may find you struggle to feel like yourself again, but a well-fitted bra can help you heal from the trauma of surgery and the emotional scars the experience can leave behind.

Anita specializes in making high-quality bras that offer all the features you need post-mastectomy while still providing you with a comfortable wearing experience and fashionable design options.

High Security

Each Anita bra offers a secure hold for breast forms. This is achieved by a slightly high cut neckline that has added elastane ensuring your forms never slip or shift out of place.

All Anita mastectomy bras also feature bilateral pockets to hold breast forms, which have been specifically designed to complement Anita’s range of silicone prosthesis. The pockets are constructed from breathable, soft microfiber material that is gentle on your delicate skin.

Finally, the underarms of Anita bras are cut slightly higher than standard bras to disguise surgical scars and allow the bra to fit better around your body.

Superior Comfort

Larger breast forms tend to be heavier, so to compensate for the added weight while maintaining your comfort, Anita mastectomy bras come with straps that gradually increase with your cup size to distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders and with additional padding for more comfort.

The central divide of the bras is also cut deeper than standard bras to ensure there is enough separation between your breast and your prosthesis to avoid any irritation and give a natural curve to your silhouette.

The underbust band is wide and fits the curves of your body for better movement and additional comfort and security, so you feel confident all day long.

Huge Range of Styles

Anita understands the changing needs of their customers. They have thoughtfully designed a range of mastectomy bras for everyday wear and created a line of bras for women in the recovery phase following surgery in addition to lingerie style bras for special occasions or, so you can feel sexy every day.

Post-Recovery Bras

Anita’s range of post-operative bras are designed to aid healing while still giving you a natural shape, so you can feel like yourself again sooner.

The bras are constructed from a specialized material that give gentle compression to boost blood circulation and promote drainage while helping to regulate your temperature, absorb moisture and allow for your skin to breathe.


While still offering those features you want in a mastectomy bra, Anita’s new line of lingerie bras are created with additional stylish features such as lace and charmeuse for a luxurious addition to your post-mastectomy wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

Anita mastectomy bras are created to help you look good and feel better post-surgery. Their clever features and stylish design help you feel confident and comfortable every day.

To take the stress out of bra shopping post-mastectomy, try finding your Anita mastectomy bras on sale online.